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Ryo couldn't help but smile to himself as he felt Dee's warm breath tickle the back of his neck.
'It's been nearly a year since me and Dee got together' Ryo thought to himself as he snuggled back against his lover, partner and best friend. 'It's two weeks away... I can't believe I'm already stressing about what to do for Dee or get him...' Ryo felt Dee's hands start wandering over his body.
"Horny bastard" Ryo whispered lovingly
"I can't help it," Dee replied innocently "But you know you love it."
Ryo couldn't reply as the combination of Dee's mouth on his neck and his hands finding all his sensitive spots instantly, only allowed him to moan in agreement. A brief flash of sensible thinking told Ryo that if they continue they would be late for work again, but that thought soon disappeard as Dee placed his lips on Ryo's.
Ryo X Dee fanfic!
(You know.... the guys from the yaoi-ish story FAKE)

The first part in no idea how many....
There probably won't be smut as I've never done yaoi smut before >_<

Kandykornsheba Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015
So part two is
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